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Oasis N 206 of the Sons of the Desert
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This Month's Featured Still

Thelma Todd, Doris Dawson and Jack Mulhall announce the 1928
Christmas season for First National Pictures. Thelma was making
"Seven Footprints to Satan" at the time.

The Comique Theater

      The Comique Theater is the home of Looser Than Loose Publishing's private screening events. It also houses our extensive silent comedy memorabilia collection. Special events are held here several times a year including our annual Super Bowl extravaganza.

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On The Loose Tent
Oasis N 206 of the Sons of the Desert
The International Laurel and Hardy Society

Sunday December 17th at The Shaskeen: Laurel and Hardy in "Big business" and "The Fixer Uppers" plus a full program of extras!

Next Meeting: Sunday December 17th, 2006
6:00pm - 9:00pm

At The Shaskeen Pub
In The Back Room
909 Elm Street, Manchester, NH
(603) 625-0426

Program Notes

A Christmas Spectacular

6:00 pm
Films: All presented in projected video on our 70" X 70" screen!

   Between the shorts we will present a series of musical sequences, TV show excerpts and commercials, original theatre advertisements, theatrical trailers, hand-colored glass slides, publicity stills, fan magazine photos, cartoons and newsreels. All of these items are related to the Christmas season and are guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit! You will see the following folks in these sequences: Bing Crosby, Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, Laurel and Hardy, Lionel Barrymore, Judy Garland, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, Thelma Todd, Ben Blue, Clara Bow and many others. Also included are musical tracks from "Fats" Waller and holiday organ recordings from the collection of Thelma Todd's paternal aunt Alice Shaw (Todd) Raymond and her husband Alec Raymond.

Big Business; (Hal Roach Studios-MGM; released: 4/20/29); Silent w/ theatre organ score; B&W; 2 reels (19 min.)Laurel and Hardy Series; Dir. by James Wesley Horne; Cast: Stan laurel and Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson, Tiny Sanford and Lyle Tayo - Charlie Hall has a bit part; Stan and Babe are Christmas tree salesmen in sunny California. During the course of their door-to-door sales attempts the Boys encounter a surly homeowner (James Finlayson) who takes a particular dislike to their sales pitch. The confrontation soon degenerates into an all out tit-for-tat fracas and by the end of the battle both Finlayson's home is just about reduced to rubble and the Boys' Model T Delivery truck has been completely destroyed. This copy has been transferred from a 35mm European camera negative. The original english language intertitles have been restored and a brand new theatre organ score consisting of familiar Christmas favorites has been added.

The Fixer Uppers; (Hal Roach Studios-MGM; released: 2/9/35); Sound; B&W; 2 reels (~18 min.); Laurel and Hardy series; Dir. by Charles Rogers; Cast: Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, Charles Middleton and Arthur Housman. Bit Roles: Bobby Dunn, Noah Young; Jack Hill, Dick Gilbert and James C. Morton. Stan and Ollie are Christmas card salesmen who involve themselves in the romantic difficulties of an artist's lonely wife. Mr. Hardy is ultimately challenged to a midnight duel by the insanely jealous painter when a scheme to bring the couple closer together goes horribly wrong. The Boys decide to leave town in order to avoid the contest, but a local drunk detains them at a nearby saloon where Stan and Babe drink until they pass out. A cop charged with returning them to their digs finds the artist's business card in Ollie's coat pocket and you can surmise where our hapless heroes wind up - just in time for the shooting match.

"The Downfall of Alcohol" (Twentieth Century-Fox; unreleased: 1942); Sound; B&W; 1 reels (~8 min.); A sequence from the feature "Tales of Manhattan" cut from the original release; Dir. by Mal St. Clair; Cast: W.C. Fields, Margaret Dumont, Phil Silvers, Marcel Dalio, Jerry Bergen, Edgar Norton, Dot Farley, Gibson Gowland, Julia Griffith, Rondo Hatton and Elinor Vanderveer. W.C. plays a temperance lecturer named Postwhistle who has been hired by a society matron played by Margaret Dumont to lecture her temperance group on the evils of drink. Her husband, however, is tiring of her crusade against demon rum and spikes W.C.'s vat of gentle cocoanut milk (which the lecturer/con man recommends as a cure for alcoholism) with a generous dose of booze. The modified liquid is a huge success with the crowd and Fields is not the least pleased attendee by any means.

    Although there is no admission charge for the show, we do include a meal in the program. The Shaskeen will charge attendees for the dinner and you may order from their regular dinner menu. We have included a sit-down meal in our meeting program in order to use the room for free, so please plan on joining us for this part of the program.
   In accordance with the Sons of the Desert Constitution, during the dinner hour, we will also include the customary toasts to Stan, Ollie, Mae Busch, Charlie Hall, James Finlayson and (for reasons of our own) Thelma Todd and Walter Long.
   During the dinner portion of our program we'll be listening to restored period Christmas music recordings.

7:50 pm
Tickets are $1.00 and the prize will be a DVD Your choice of titles from the Looser Than Loose catalogue

8:00 pm
Films All presented in projected video on our 70" X 70" screen!

Shop Talk; (Warner Brothers; released: 1936); Sound; B&W; 2 reels (~18 min.); dir. by Lloyd French; Cast: Bob Hope and Johnny Berkes. Mr. Hope is a young playboy whose father owns a local department store. Hope has been made personnel director and must contend with a compliment of employees who are at best merely eccentric. Featured prominently among this bizarre crew is a cock-eyed elevator operator whose antics alone are worth the price of admission. A great piece of the dangers of shopping at the local department store - a perfect film to compliment the annual Christmas shopping chores.

Top Flat; (Hal Roach Studios-MGM; released: 12/21/35); Sound; B&W; 2 reels (~18 min.); Thelma Todd - Patsy Kelly series; dir. by William terhune and Jack Jevne; Cast: Thelma Todd, Patsy Kelly, Fuzzy Knight, Gary Owen, Ferdinand Munier, Grace Goodall, Harry Bernard. Bit Roles: Dave Sharpe. Thelma is a would-be poet who rooms with Patsy. When the two argue over the quality of Thelma's verse and its lack of ability to bring a single dollar into the girls' budget, Thelma leaves in anger. She takes a job as a French maid in an elderly couple's penthouse atop the Warwick Hotel. When asked to take an expensive fur downtown for summer storage Thelma runs into Patsy who, upon seeing Thelma in the fur, assumes that the poems paid off in a big way and that Thelma is now filthy rich. This is a mistaken impression that Thelma is only too happy to fuel. She invites Patsy to visit her sometime if she's "ever up on the Avenue," but conveniently omits the address. Patsy obtains the Warwick address from the elderly couple's waiting chauffeur who has driven Thelma downtown. Needless to say, Patsy arrives at the Warwick penthouse with a pair of rowdy boyfriends and the trio is bent on partying up a storm. Conveniently, or perhaps inconveniently, Thelma's employers are out for the evening. A good deal of comedy ensues with predictably disasterous results. A good example of what not to do while entertaining this holiday season.

Photos and Advertising for the December Program
Scenes to look for in the films and/or to bring back memories

Big Business has Babe, Stan and Jimmy Finlayson locked in battle

Stan and Ollie pitch a "unique" Christmas card sentiment to Mae Busch

Thelma Todd, Gary Owen, Fuzzy Knight and Patsy Kelly from Top Flat

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of the Sons of the Desert to attend? No! Anyone is welcome at a meeting of the On The Loose tent.
Are there any dues? No! We do, however ask that you order dinner from the Shakeen's kitchen in order to keep the admission cost at zero.
Will the bar be open? Yes. There will be a full cash bar with an excellent selection of beers, wines, mixed and soft drinks.
Can I join the Sons of the Desert through the On The Loose tent?Yes! we will have full details waiting for you at the meeting.

Get directions from your doorstep to the Shaskeen from Mapquest here
Just enter your home address. The destination is already filled in

   Whether you are planning on visiting Manchester, New Hampshire, or just want to spend some time on a virtual tour of the place, the links below should give you a decent idea of New Hampshire's largest city. You will find directories, guides, webcams and even movie palace locations. At the very end of the section there is a list of links to Dave and Ali's favorite (recommended) ManchVegas locations. Note: These pages will load in new browser windows. You may have to click more than once to engage the link depending upon your security settings.

Getting Around
Manchester Airport       Concord Trailways [Bus Service]      
Danielle's Sedan & Limousine Service
Taxi Cabs      Car Rental Agencies       MTA [Local Bus Service]

Hotels and Accommodations
Yahoo Guide to Manchester Hotels       Bed and Breakfasts       Youth Hostels

Manchester City Guides
City of Manchester Website       Chamber of Commerce      Business Directory      

Restaurants and Eats
Verizon Superpages Listings       DiningGuide Network Listings      Dining in NH Listings for Manchester      

Theater, Sports and Clubs
Yahoo Club Listings       The Hippo [Manchester's Art Weekly]
Discover Our Town Listings for Manchester Nightlife
Manchester Monarchs [Hockey]      Manchester Wolves [Arena Football]      Manchester Fishercats [AA Baseball]     

Web Cams
A View of Elm Street [WMUR TV]       A View from the WMUR Studios [WMUR TV]

Restored Theaters and Movie Palaces
Cinema Treasures' List of New Hampshire Movie Palaces [Living and Dead]

Dave and Ali's Favorite Haunts
Gaucho's Brazilian Steakhouse       YUKI Asian Grill      Tandoor Indian and Pakistani Cuisine [Mrs. S's favorite]
Caf Momo [Nepalese]       K.C.'s Rib Shack       Carrabbas Italian Grill
Currier Museum of Art      Manchester Historic Association Millyard Museum
The Palace Theater      Mountain Trains and Hobbies     

A Post Card Tour of Historic Manchester

The Amoskeag Mills at Night [These buildings are largely extant]

A Steam Launch on the Merrimack River about 1905

(Left) The Hotel Carpenter around 1920. This Building is extant
(Right) The Amoskeag Bank. Now Citzens Bank of New Hampshire

The Carpenter Public Library [Still in use]

A View of Elm Street at Night in About 1920

A Cable Drawn Trolley Makes its way up Mount Uncanoonuc
The Mount Uncanoonuc Incline Railway & Development C.
[Only a single cable car remains. Everything else has been scrapped]

Trolleys Pass on the Mount Uncanoonuc Incline Railway

The Incline Railway Depot at the Base of Mount Uncanoonuc

Another view of the Double Track Section on the Incline Railway

A Third View of the Double Track Section

The Hotel Atop Mount Uncanoonuc and Terminus of the Railway
[The building is long gone]

The Dining Hall of the Uncanoonuc Hotel